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Access Control

In our CiviLunch session the other day, I explained the difference between the CMS-based access control and the CiviCRM-based access control. The CMS-based access control in Civi is nice because it lets you control access by operation (view, edit, delete, etc.) to whole modules of Civi. However, I explained at the time that this functionality in WordPress was a little tricky because you had to work with the WordPress-centric roles for CiviCRM functions, since WordPress natively did not let you create and edit additional roles.

Recognition Name

Very often, the name that someone wants to be recognized as in an honor roll of donors may be different than their Individual or Household name, or Addressee name. That's why it makes sense for some organizations to create a custom field called Recognition, or Thank As, Name.

If that information will not change from gift to gift (and for most, it won't) then that field should be set up at the Contact record level.

Country Display

Because CiviCRM is built for the international community at large, the option to use the country comes standard. But if your constituents live primarily in one country, you probably don't want the country showing up in every address and mailing label.

Taking care of this is quick and easy. Go to Administer - Localization - Address Settings. The page that comes up will allow you to edit the display for Mailing Labels, Address Display (for displaying addresses in the Contact Summary and Event Information screens), and Address Editing.

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