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CiviCRM Overview

CiviCRM is a powerful, open-source, web-based, constituent relationship management system, designed specifically to meet the needs of non-profits as well as advocacy and non-governmental groups.

It allows you to record and manage information about your volunteers, donors, employees, clients, vendors, and more. You can track donations, pledges, transactions, phone calls, emails, visits, events, or any type of conversation with each constituent, and store it all in one easily accessible and manageable source. You can even accept online donations, register constituents for events, track grant applications, and manage cases for those you serve. For a more detailed list of features, please see our CiviCRM Features page.

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Full web access from any location

As the CiviCRM software resides on a hosted web server, anyone to whom you choose to give access can connect to the database from any computer that has internet access. Given the very specific and highly customizable role-based permissions, you can control exactly who sees what. This allows maximum flexibility for volunteers, staff, or anyone located in multiple locations. And since there are no per-user licensing fees, you are able to approach the sharing of data in your organization in whole new ways.


As part of the CiviCRM solution, there is an entire reporting package that has a variety of standard reports as well as the ability to create very customized reports. Some of the reports that are available “right out of the box” include:

  • Constituent Reports (Detail and Summary)
  • Donor Reports (Detail and Summary)
  • SYBUNT Report
  • LYBUNT Report
  • Soft Credit Reports
  • Membership Reports (Detail and Summary)
  • Event Reports
  • Activity Report
  • Donation Summary Report
  • Top Donors Report
  • Pledges Report
  • Additional Features with Standard Reports
  • Ability to select multiple filters on data
  • Relative Data Ranges (This Year, This Fiscal Year, This Calendar Year, etc..)
  • Save Reports format in .pdf, spreadsheet, .csv and other formats
  • Most reports can be saved in table or pie chart form
  • Automated Report Delivery – Reports can be delivered by email
  • And many more…

There are also pledge, contribution, event, and membership dashboards, as well as a customizable welcome dashboard that each user can populate with the data most important to them.

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