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CiviCRM Pricing

CiviCRM Pricing image - If not know, when?

CiviCRM itself is free, meaning you don't pay for the rights to use it or for any per-seat licensing charge. That means you only pay for user and technical support and for the costs of hosting and managing the software. Our pricing is designed to be as simple as possible - leaving nothing to hide and no surprises - so you can focus on your donors and on maximizing your gifts.


Once you place your order, we will perform the following tasks for a one-time fee of only $400, so you can start being productive immediately:

  • Load CiviCRM system software
  • Configure system domain information
  • Set local time and date formats
  • Configure outbound email settings
  • Configure user security
  • Configure mapping provider
  • Install reCaptcha security for public forms
  • Configure payment processor (if applicable)


Our support fee covers all hosting, maintenance, software upgrades, and unlimited support for up to three contacts (individuals in your organization who are authorized to contact tech support). Think it can't be that simple? Smile - it really is.

# of Contact Records Monthly Fee
1 - 15,000 $125
15,000+ Call for Quote

Optional Services

Data Import

Costs for data import depend on the number of records, the complexity of the data, and how much work has to be done to clean up the data before import. Let's take a look at your data together and see what makes sense.

Advanced Reporting

Got some pretty detailed reporting requirements? CiviCRM can handle them using its many advanced search facilities. But if you want to spend more time talking to your donors and less time in front of a computer, we can build those custom queries for you. Talk to us about your requirements to receive a personalized quote.