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CiviCRM Custom Training

Our training approach is to not only cover the technical aspects and components of CiviCRM, but also how to think about CRM in general, as a process. Effective training done this way can dramatically improve your learning curve, help you fully leverage CiviCRM’s power, and give you ideas for different ways you can effectively use it to advance your mission.

Greenleaf Advancement offers custom on-site and remote training sessions for wherever your organization might be on its CiviCRM journey. We have experience training groups that are just beginning with CiviCRM, groups that have worked with the system a while and are ready to take the next step, and groups who feel they may have gotten off course with their system. We help organizations frame their data and business processes in ways that make them easier to represent in Civi, maximizing system and organizational effectiveness. Let’s have a discussion about your needs and how we might help.

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