The Home of CiviCRM On Demand

Frustrated with having data spread all over your nonprofit enterprise?
Tired of manually moving data between systems that don't talk to each other?
Feel like you're working for your technology instead of it working for you?

You need CiviCRM On Demand by Greenleaf Advancement.

CiviCRM is the powerful, open-source, web-based constituent relationship management (CRM) system that lets you track, communicate with, and engage all your constituents, no matter who they are. Our hosted solution puts your critical data in one secure, easy to navigate, easy to use place - so you don't end up with data spread across multiple systems that don't easily talk to each other.

By hosting and managing your CiviCRM installation, as well as providing top-notch support and training, we help take you away from time-consuming technical and system administration tasks so you can spend more time on activities that directly impact your effectiveness.

We'll help you:

  • Focus your time on fundraising activity, not managing systems
  • Spend more of your time engaging your constituents
  • Feel secure that your organization is utilizing fundraising best practices
  • Make your technical operations a competitive advantage

Contact us today to see how Greenleaf Advancement can help you use CiviCRM to really focus on advancing your mission.